An Open Source Company as a Service

Over the last few months we have been reevaluating our goals, asking some tough questions and taking a realistic look at the viability of our company as a whole. In the landscape of open source, it is often equated that open source equals free. I have often said “The open web can be interpreted many ways and for Cartalyst it is code transparency, open communication, and devotion to the education and improvement of what we as developers and designers create”.

We have a strong belief that open source software drives innovation and is responsible not only for where we are today as a company, but the products we create. The question then becomes: how can we keep true to our watchwords yet still maintain a viable company to continue our works and achieve our ultimate goal, Cartalyst itself, our ecommerce platform.

We have come up with a give and take solution (no… were not talking about mutators) that we believe benefits all. Cartalyst will become a company as a service. This can be best described in a few short statements.

Subscribe, and gain access to all work created by Cartalyst.

Use our work as much as you like “with” no restrictions “and” no domain licenses. Your arsenal for any and every web project you undertake.

There are a few exceptions.

  • Sentry will remain free and public.
  • Anyone that has purchased a platform license will be grandfathered.
  • Purchased a single license, 1 year free.
  • Purchased a studio license, lifetime.

There are a few catches.

  • If your subscription runs out, you will no longer be able to receive updates. These include bug fixes and new features (security patches will always be made available).
  • Some products will be sold separately when they are completed, namely Cartalyst itself our ecommerce platform. Our pricing goals are to keep Cartalyst affordable to all.

This model we hope will allow us to continue on, and march double time towards Cartalyst itself  in Q3 2013. Platform 2 alongside Laravel 4 has given us much confidence in our architecture, and from this point onward we can focus primarily on new packages, extensions, addons, and themes.

Our goal is to provide at least 1-4 new packages, extensions,  addons, or themes per month, ensuring subscribers are ever expanding their arsenal for that super awesome upcoming  web project.

We are only 1 to 2 weeks away from our new site launch so if you want to get in on the ground floor head over to the platform market to purchase platform 1 keeping in mind that when we launch, the lifetime membership will no longer be offered accept on special occasions.

We have quite a bit of information to give out over the next week, and we are excited to launch so please bear with us as we get our house in order.